Tokyo revengers manga panels step by step guide.

Tokyo revengers manga panels are Shonen novels that delve into Japanese motorcycle gangs’ criminal underworld. This series features a large number of characters who are obsessed with fighting. The main character, Nakamichi, is not gifted in the physical realm; his ability to travel through time and his kind nature is his most notable qualities. Here we will discuss Tokyo revengers manga panels.

Best Tokyo revengers manga panels:

Following are the best Tokyo revengers manga panels.

Baji Keisuke:

Baji, the former captain of Toman’s 1st Division, is one of the most intriguing characters in the game Tokyo Revengers. He received a stab wound from Kazutora as they were engaged in combat with Valhalla. Despite this, he could defeat all fifty of Kisaki’s followers on his own before choosing to end the conflict by ending his own life.


Souta, whose twin brother Toman serves as the captain of the 4th Division, is also known by his nickname “Angry.” Even though Angry is merely a vice-captain, he becomes even more powerful whenever he loses his temper and starts crying than his brother. Smiley said Angry becomes “100 times stronger” when unhappy and crying. Angry fractured many bones are fighting Tenjiku. When he started crying and attacked Tenjiku leaders, it was a startling turn of events.

Shiba Taiju:

Taiju, the Black Dragon King, leads the 10th Generation of Black Dragons. His advanced age and towering stature contributed to the perception that he was the most dangerous gang leader in the Tokyo Revengers. Taiju continued to fight single-handedly against his younger brother Hakkai and Takemichi, and Mitsuya, even after he was stabbed. When Mikey arrived to end the lengthy brawl, Taiju was knocked down with just one kick despite the immense strength he possessed.

Hanma Shuji:

Hanma, who works as Kisaki’s right-hand man, possesses a peculiar physical make-up. Despite several run-ins with Draken throughout Tokyo Revengers, he avoided taking damage from his lethal blows. Toman’s Vice-Commander was so astounded by Kisaki’s hitman’s resilience that he compared him to a zombie. Kisaki’s hitman had been working for Kisaki for quite some time. Hanma could withstand attacks from Draken and Mikey without getting knocked out, even though he is not a knockout artist of the highest caliber.


In the game Tokyo Revengers, the fearsome Ryuguji Ken serves as the second-in-command of the Tokyo Manji Gang and is one of the main characters. During the Bloody Halloween Arc, he defeated about 20 members of the Moebius gang, despite being struck in the head with a rod earlier in the story. Even when he went off against members of Valhalla and the Black Dragons, Draken was still able to eliminate a dozen of them all by himself.

Brothers of the Haitani:

During the battle of Valhalla, the Haitani Brothers made their debut for the first time in the capacity of appointed judges. Both Ran, the older brother, and Rindo, the younger sibling, are working members of the Rokuhara Tendai gang. Ran is the eldest brother. The Rokuhara Tendai reports to Ran as their second-in-command. These two brothers are rumored to be some of the most formidable combatants in the Tokyo Revengers, and they can defeat an entire gang on their own without any assistance.

Kurokawa Izana:

Izana, the leader of the eighth generation of Black Dragons and the Tenjiku, is one of the few who can withstand Mikey’s particular strike. Because Mikey’s grandfather trained his self-defense, he has some of Mikey’s skills. Tokyo Revengers’ antagonist has sharp senses that allow him to predict his opponents’ moves. Izana might beat Mikey in a fistfight, say rumors. We’ll never know because Kisaki murdered Izana.

South of Terano:

It is said that South Terano, one of Japan’s three deities, is the brains behind the Rokuhara Tendai gang. South Terano is also known as the Rokuhara Tendai. When they went head to head, he was significantly larger than Draken, allowing him to dominate the other fighter thoroughly.

Kawasaki Senju:

Brahman is one of the three gods worshipped by the Tokyo Revengers, and Kawaragi Senju is the gang’s commander. Senju is the only female character in Tokyo Revengers who can be considered to have top-tier strength, which is an interesting fact. Her kicking style works well with her outstanding agility and athleticism, both of which she possesses plenty of. Senju is revered as one of the three Gods, even though she is only a high school student.


Mikey, otherwise known as “Invincible,” is the most powerful character in Tokyo Revengers. Hence his nickname is well deserved. In the past, he was the leader of the Toman gang, and in the future, he will be the commander of the Kanto Manji gang. Mikey has never lost combat, no matter how strong his opponent was. His grandfather’s martial arts skills inspired Mikey’s flamboyant fighting style. He can throw light-speed devastating kicks that bring even the most formidable opponents to their knees.

Manga and Anime that is similar to Tokyo Revengers:

A growing number of people worldwide recognize Japanese animation as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Tokyo Revengers is one of the most eagerly anticipated new anime series of the year in 2021. It began as a manga series, then evolved into an anime series, and finally became a film. There is still a long way to go in the anime adaption, but some fans can’t wait to see what happens next or are looking for more comparable shows. Tokyo Revengers is one of the best manga and anime series of all time, so we’ve selected five of the best for you to enjoy in its place.

At what point in the story does Tokyo Revengers come to a close?

Too far, Ken Wakui has released 222 manga chapters, totaling 24 volumes. On the other hand, season 1 of Tokyo Revengers has barely reached the ninth volume of its eight-volume run. The manga chapter 73, titled “A Cry Baby,” concludes Tokyo Revengers Episode 24. Specifically, you’d have to read Chapter 74, “Get Back,” to find out how episode 24’s cliffhanger is resolved in the manga. There are five more chapters in the ninth book, with Chifuyu Matsuno on the cover.


Tokyo revengers manga panels first season concluded today, and because no season two has been announced, the manga may now be started instead of the anime. Episode 24 of Tokyo Revengers was based on the manga’s 73rd chapter. It was titled “A Cry Baby,” like the episode it was based on. As a result, beginning with chapter 74 of Volume 9 of the manga, you can pick up where the anime left off. Presently 222 chapters of Ken Wakui’s manga series are available in Japan.


Is the manga for Tokyo Revengers finished yet?

On March 1, 2017, Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers premiered in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The final arc was revealed in May 2021, ending in May 2022. Kodansha publishes tanks in volumes.

Is there a manga version of Tokyo Revengers?

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo revengers manga panels is finally available in English. Kodansha’s digital version of the popular shonen manga about a time-traveling delinquent was the only English translation.

How similar are the manga and anime versions of Tokyo Revengers?

In the anime series Tokyo revengers manga panels, the manga pages of the same name are brought to life on the big screen. In Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, the manga series by Ken Wakui is published.