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Transformer movies in order do a fantastic job of bringing our favourite cartoon characters to life in stunning 3D. Epic movie adventures were launched by releasing the first film in any franchise, which was a big thing at the time and served as a launching pad for subsequent films in the franchise. In contrast, as more and more movies were released, the plots and action sequences within them became more convoluted and drawn out. However, despite this, Transformers generally performed well at the box office, even though the series garnered largely negative reviews from critics. Here we will discuss more transformer movies in order.

What are transformer movies in order?

The fact that another Transformers film, titled Rise of the Beasts, is already in production shows that Paramount has no intention of abandoning this series.  The tone created in the 2018 film Bumblebee will likely guide this film in a different direction than the films directed by Michael Bay. It doesn’t matter that Paramount is branching out creatively while still making money with the Michael Bay-directed Transformers movies. The following table ranks the six Transformers films from best to worst.

How many movies in transformer movies in order?

The fifth film, in particular, disappointed die-hard fans because it was a striking contrast to the four that came before it and completely contradicted them. Despite some of the worst moments in their whole franchise’s history, Michael Bay’s Transformers films have a strong following, even though they can be a bit polarizing. However, the action sequences and Optimus Prime’s inspirational speeches helped to alleviate the film’s flaws.

Best transformer movies in order:

Following are the transformer movies in order.

Revenge of the Fallen:

Revenge of the Fallen fell short of the high expectations established by its predecessor, a terrific picture, and as a result, it was panned by critics and audiences alike. Though fans expected to see more of the legendary Autobot after the first film, the sequel mostly failed to deliver on that expectation. Along with this, Revenge of the Fallen takes the audience on an exciting quest to find a means of resurrecting Optimus Prime so he can once again take up his battle against the evil Fallen.

Optimus Prime in the film:

The lack of Optimus Prime in the film was a problem.   In and of itself, Optimus’ method of ending the conflict is breathtaking. However, despite these flaws, Age of Extinction is a fun film to watch, thanks to some exciting action sequences and humorous performances by Kelsey Grammer, T. J. Miller, and Stanley Tucci.

The sequel to Transformers is Age of Extinction:

Regarding the Autobots, Age of Extinction depicted their frightening danger to humankind as a worldwide battle for survival. The notion wasn’t wrong, but the part about building Transformers out of human technology was the most annoying. To put it another way: The series’ selling point is that the Transformers are extraterrestrial creatures battling to save humanity from extinction. These changes make them feel less exceptional than before.

The Last Knight is based on the book and film:

“The Last Knight” is the only film in the Transformers saga that has managed to derail the plot entirely. It was a real challenge to make sense of anything. That the Transformers have been around for millennia and Bumblebee participated in World War 2 was also brought up. Compared to the first film, this one took a different approach to the story of the Autobots’ first visit to Earth.

Bumblebee served in World War II:

After claiming that the Transformers had been around for a long time in the second film, The Last Knight went too far by claiming that Bumblebee served in World War II. In addition, the inclusion of Merlin in the plot almost resulted in its total and utter demise. This film has some good qualities, but the pacing is weak, the running time is excessive, and the humour is not very convincing.

Age of Extinction:

Age of Extinction did not benefit from including heartless robots in the plot.  It’s also worth noting that the bounty hunter Lockdown played a relatively minor role in the story. Because of the circumstances, seeing him as anything except a distraction was difficult. Autobots could equalize the playing field as much as possible, so the war became a more balanced struggle rather than a one-sided bloodbath.


Additionally, the very first Transformers film is regarded as one of the most enjoyable works in the entire series. When an ordinary adolescent kid sought to buy a car, the viewer was introduced to him instead of finding himself in the middle of a disagreement with aliens. The Autobots’ commander, Optimus Prime, was the object of Sam’s attention as he courted him. When conflict erupted on Earth, warriors were utterly unprepared to deal with the alien foes they faced.

Transformers Dark of the Moon

In terms of action-packed plot and magnificent combat, Dark of the Moon is the best Transformers movie because it connects the Apollo 11 moon landing to the conflict against Cybertron. Throughout the film, Sentinel Prime is introduced to the audience as a potential traitor to the Autobot cause. Despite the horror of the war in Chicago, humans and Autobots shine through.

Transformers cartoons:

Shockwave’s appearance in the Transformers cartoons is a treat for fans that have followed the series for a long time. When you see Optimus Prime in Dark of the Moon, you’ll see him in all of his excellent butt-kicking glory. Although the combat is exhausting for both sides, its completion is tremendously rewarding. For me, Bumblebee is a homage to films like E.T. and other cherished “human befriends alien” stories from decades past.


The Last Knight was released, and the Transformers franchise was beginning to feel the symptoms of franchise weariness, which is why a change of pace was urgently needed. Despite its lack of box office success, Bumblebee had a positive critical reception, something these films have lacked since the original live-action version was released. With the help of Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena’s outstanding performances, this spinoff delivers a straightforward and emotionally sophisticated story within the context of the Transformers saga. Both performers perform admirably in the spin-off.


The transformer movies, in order, have carved themselves a unique place in mainstream culture. Despite grossing over a billion dollars, these films aren’t among the most beloved, even though they’re hugely successful. Michael Bay’s explosive and robotic punch-ups are magnificent, but the characters and narrative are missing several portions. Many explosions and robots punch each other throughout the action, reminiscent of Michael Bay films.


Do the Transformer movies in order have to be viewed in chronological order?

Transformer movies in order: First, in 2007’s ‘Transformers,’ here are the series’ four films in order. Bumblebee returned to the Cybertron Civil War in 2018. it happened in 2072.

What is the correct order in which to watch the Transformer movies in order?

The battle between Autobots, Decepticons, and humans on the big screen continues. Based on the hugely popular Transformers toys, the premise is simple. Even if you start with a different film, you won’t have a problem grasping the underlying theme of the fight between good and evil.