The Best Vintage Chanel bags to Collect Now!

Vintage Chanel bags have grown in popularity and esteem throughout the years. Vintage Chanel bags are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas due to their classic style and ability to stand the test of time. Antique handbags are probably the best investment if you’re interested in locating one-of-a-kind products and collecting them. Throughout its history, Chanel has been a luxury brand that has evolved with the advancement of women’s rights and efforts to attain equality. You can wear a Chanel purse with any outfit in your closet and still look like a million bucks because it’s both trendy and adaptable. Here we will discuss more vintage Chanel bags.

Kelly vintage Chanel bags:

Classic accessories like the Kelly handbag by Chanel, named after Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, can be added to even the most casual professional attire. The Chanel Kelly, like the Hermes Kelly, was designed in several sizes, with the most extensive version attracting the most significant interest from the many Chanel-addicted vintage enthusiasts all around the globe. Top handles and various types of leather make this bag stand out from the rest of the flap bag crowd.

Chanel Camera Bag from the ’60s:

Initially introduced in the 1980s, Chanel’s Camera Bag is a gorgeous reinterpretation of the bags used by professional photographers. Its capacity and depth are substantially larger than other legendary Chanel handbags, making it an ideal accessory for today’s modern lady. The adjustable crossbody strap and full-zip closure of the Chanel Camera Bag ensure your possessions are safe and secure. Even though it was only offered briefly in the classic collection, the camera case remains a popular bag.

Chained Chanel Wallet with the Brand’s Iconic Logo:

Any woman who knows how to dress stylishly should have a Chanel Wallet with a Chain. It radiates a relaxed, carefree, and refined vibe. Despite its tiny size, the Chanel WOC maintains its status as a classic Chanel handbag. Because of the bag’s 24-inch adjustable chain strap and multiple pockets, this is a realistic possibility.

Chanel’s Vanity Case:

If you’re looking for an accessory that will always be in style, look no further than the Chanel Vanity Case. Karl Lagerfeld was the one who brought the Chanel Vanity Case to the market for the very first time in the 1990s. After that, production ceased in 2016. This Chanel purse cannot only transport personal care items such as cosmetics and toiletries from one location to another. Still, it can also be collapsed into a more manageable size for various other applications.

Bar Flap Bag from the Vintage Collection:

An updated flap bag with a sweet twist is the chocolate bar bag. It resembles a chocolate bar in design and features horizontal quilted stitching rather than diagonal stitching. With its unique twist on the brand’s most popular purse, this one is a must-have for any fashionista. If you’re looking for a bag that looks like the most popular bag from the company, look no further! There’s only one flap, and that flap has the turn-lock mechanism.

Collectors of Chanel handbags:

Collectors of Chanel handbags have long prized the shopping tote, both a wardrobe need and an emblem in the early 2000s. The demand for these Chanel handbags increased significantly once the GST was stopped in 2015. Vintage Chanel bags Shopping Tote in trademark quilted pattern only available from Chanel. It’s known for its spacious atmosphere and subtle elegance, making it a popular choice for weddings.

Where to buy vintage Chanel bags?

Designer consignment businesses have some antique or previously used Chanel bags, but the selection isn’t as comprehensive as we’d like it to be. As a result, finding a pre-owned or vintage Chanel purse might be difficult. You’ll need to check back regularly because the content is constantly updated. Even though many of these websites also carry other designer goods, such as shoes, we will focus on Chanel handbags and highlight our favorites from those websites.


One-of-a-kind vintage products and one-of-a-kind unique versions are all available at Fashionphile. It’s not uncommon to find bags that have been gently used yet are in fantastic condition. They may not be the lowest online reseller, but they may be able to offer a good value on an excellent bag that will endure for years to come. With the layaway option, consumers can reserve an item with a small down payment and then pay for the bag in installments over a short period.


Rebag is the least expensive choice among the resellers explored in this book. One of their antique Chanel bags is the sought-after XL hardware flap bag, which they have a large assortment of. Besides the basic patterns, they also provide a wonderful collection of seasonal patterns if you seek something different. The traditional flap bag’s most recent incarnation is constructed almost exclusively of leather derived from black lambskin.


eBay carries a vast selection of pre-owned Chanel handbags. Additionally, eBay’s prices are often lower than that available elsewhere. Authenticity guarantees are available for Chanel handbags advertised for sale on eBay. It’s essential to exercise caution and search for authentic handbags if you plan to buy anything on eBay. If you purchase a bag from eBay and it turns out to be a fake, you have the option of returning it to eBay.


Used and pre-owned goods have recently been added to Farfetch’s inventory. If you’re looking to buy a Chanel antique bag, you may rely on them as a dealer. Remember that their prices are higher than typical because they have spent much time and effort searching for the rarest and most unique vintage items.

Buying guides for vintage Chanel bags:

Serialized, authenticating cards:

Each vintage Chanel bag should have an authenticity card, a holographic sticker, and matching serial numbers. To avoid confusion, it is essential to note that hologram stickers are not required on bags manufactured before the mid-1980s, but they are needed on bags manufactured after the mid-1980s. Chanel will be the first luxury brand to ditch authenticity cards in favor of microchips that permanently record information about an item’s provenance. If counterfeit goods are packed, they will come with holographic stickers and authenticity cards.


Lambskin and caviar leather are the principal materials utilized in the bulk of Chanel’s leather purses. The surface of the caviar is pebbled, which increases the bag’s thickness while concealing blemishes. Lambskin is a soft material. If the price is reasonable, don’t be afraid to buy a bag that has been used and needs repair. There are several ways to save money when maintaining an antique Chanel handbag, such as cleaning the leather, polishing the chain, or correcting the liner’s imperfections.


The saying goes, “the devil is in the details,” so a straight stitching pattern is an ideal option. ┬áThe stitching on the back of the handbag should match the rest of the pack if it contains a small pocket. The bag is almost a fake if the hem is uneven or misaligned.


Contrary to popular myth, Vintage Chanel bags was neither the first nor a renamed 2.55. Karl Lagerfeld relaunched 2.55 as the Classic Flap Bag in 1983. In addition, the Classic Flap Bag from Chanel is available in four different sizes and features a turn-style lock in the shape of two CCs instead of a rectangular one. The brand’s handbag is the most popular and expensive, as many people know about bags. The brand’s handbag leads sales and is also the most costly.


What are the most sought-after Chanel bags?

Once upon a time, a bag was only declared vintage after 20 years. A load ten years or older can be called “vintage.” Your 2012-2013 Fall Chanel purse is now old and worn. To be considered a vintage, it must be released by 2019.

Which Chanel bags from the 1970s can be trusted to be genuine?

One of the most basic methods to tell if a vintage Chanel purse is authentic is to inspect the stitching. Chanel often uses 11 stitches to create a quilted diamond pattern.

What Happens to the Gold on the Chanel Hardware?

There is no fading of the gold polish of Chanel hardware. Despite the time, the gold hardware on a few of my Chanel handbags still looks brand new. My vintage Chanel handbag’s hardware is no exception.