What do you get when you sign up for Virgin Mobile?

Virgin mobile accessory, It would help if you were prepared to be perplexed. Until recently, Virgin Mobile relied on EE for 3G and 4G coverage, but now it’s switching to Vodafone for both 4G and 5G. As a result of Virgin Media’s recent merger with O2, the company expects to use the mobile network of O2 going forward.

The larger business will offer all-in-one subscriptions for TV, broadband, and 5G because it has more resources. Meanwhile, how viable are Virgin Mobile’s current offers, and should you join up for them? In our 2021 Virgin mobile accessory Network Awards, how does Virgin fare?

What do you get when you sign up for Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Virgin mobile accessory future is uncertain because of its deal with Vodafone, which doesn’t expire until 2026, and its ambitions to merge O2 and Virgin services. On the other hand, Virgin is now offering a wide range of value-packed SIM-only plans and aggressively priced smartphones.

If you’re willing to stretch the expense over a longer contract, you can get a good deal on a smartphone. A Samsung Galaxy S20 FE costs £28 per month on the same conditions as an iPhone 12, while an iPhone 12 with 2GB of data costs £30 per month over 36 months.

A 24-month contract with 30GB of monthly data costs £41.50 a month for the iPhone and £38.50 a month for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which is much less expensive than most other networks. Virgin’s wide selection of phones, including inexpensive and mid-range models from Samsung, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi, is also attractive.

However, Virgin also offers attractive SIM-only pricing, particularly on 24-month contracts. You can get 40 GB for £13, 100 GB for £20, or unlimited data for £28 per month on a 12-month contract or £25 if you sign up for two years for a total of £28 per month on a 12-month contract. It’s possible to get 4GB or even 6GB of data for as little as £10, with 15GB of data currently available for $10. Here, you can find Virgin Mobile’s current plans and rates.

If you live in a 5G area and have a 5G-enabled phone, you’ll be able to use these plans with no additional fees. Weirdly, Virgin’s scores in our 2021 Virgin mobile accessory Network Awards survey in the Value for Money category were disappointing, given that its plans tend to be inexpensive.

Whereas 79 per cent of Giffgaff’s and 68 per cent of Sky Mobile’s customers say they’re pleased, only 41 per cent of Virgin’s say the same. 11% are more pessimistic, with 18% stating that they are neither content nor dissatisfied with their jobs. Having a low price isn’t all that’s important in terms of value.

Review of Virgin Mobile’s Customer Support

In Ofcom’s most recent customer satisfaction study, Virgin mobile accessory scored higher than Three, although it still ranked worse than the likes of Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, and O2, as well as EE and Giffgaff. Virgin also recorded the most Ofcom complaints per 100,000 subscribers (25), as well as the longest average call waiting times (14 minutes) (6mins 44secs).

The results of our survey for the Virgin mobile accessory Network Awards are much worse. While only 1 in 5 Virgin customers claimed they were extremely satisfied with their customer service, the survey found that 16 per cent of those polled were actively dissatisfied or very unsatisfied. Based on this information, there is little faith in Virgin Mobile’s customer service.

Virgin Mobile’s coverage, reliability, and speed are good things about the service.

In other ways, Virgin seems to be going backwards rather than forward. Although it didn’t get access to EE’s fastest 4G services, which EE reserves aside for its customer base, RootMetrics found that Virgin mobile accessory still had access to the UK’s fastest network.

As a result, Vodafone’s UK-wide median download speed is less than half of EE’s, at 25.2Mbits/sec versus 58.5Mbps. RootMetrics has ranked Vodafone’s reliability as outstanding in 12 out of 16 of the UK’s main cities, and the company’s coverage is excellent, although not nearly as extensive.

When it comes to 5G availability, Vodafone could do better. RootMetrics could only record 5G results for three of the 16 locations in the UK for this operator, while RootMetrics’ measure of “everyday 5G availability” was less than 40% in ten of the remaining thirteen cities.

However, in 12 of the 16 test locations, Vodafone achieved median download speeds of more than 100Mbits/sec, hitting 192.2Mbits/sec in Glasgow and more than 140Mbits/sec in Manchester, Cardiff, and Birmingham, respectively. Even if Virgin’s customers may go to O2, which is now lagging behind Vodafone in terms of both speed and availability, those who get 5G should enjoy decent performance until that happens.

At the time, customers appear to agree. One of the greatest scores for any network, 97% of those surveyed said their connection was suitable for web browsing and social networking, and 89% said it was fast enough for streaming music.

More than eighty per cent of  Virgin mobile accessory customers indicated they could watch video smoothly for the first time. The network is doing some things well, despite all the complaints about poor customer service and poor value.

Review: Virgin Mobile’s Roaming

There are 43 EU/EEA countries covered by Virgin Mobile’s Roam Like Home feature. You can use your inclusive calls, texts, and data just like you would be in the UK while travelling. In contrast to Vodafone, which has declared that it will reintroduce daily roaming costs of £2, Virgin has made no such announcements.

Outside the European Union, roaming charges can be high. A phone call in the United States costs $2 per minute, whereas a megabyte of data costs $5. Calls cost £5 per minute, and messages are charged at up to 60p per text, while data charges are the same at £5 per megabyte in Kenya. A PAYG SIM card from another carrier may be necessary if you intend to travel outside of the EU.

Design, Network, and Quality of the Phone Call

Only a big camera hump on the rear of the Supreme distinguishes the two-tone, all-plastic design from the others. It’s a tall device, measuring 5.6 by 2.8 by.04 inches (HWD), but it’s not particularly wide, given its screen size. Because this phone is nearly as long as my hand is wide, it has a power button and headphone port on the top, which is a major pet peeve of mine on handsets this large. Place the buttons on the side, please.

The phone’s left side has volume controls and a micro USB connector, while the right side has a helpful two-stage shutter button. The rubbery rear panel reveals a microSD card slot and a 2500mAh battery that the user can replace. While we’re waiting for the results of our battery testing, we’ll update this review.

The 5-inch screen is HD 720p (294 PPI) with a broad viewing angle in terms of resolution. However, the contrast is approximately average, and I noticed some backlight blooming around the edges of the display. The screen becomes bright enough to use outside, and the colours are accurate. This device has a capacitive menu button and back, home, and back buttons. I like Android’s usual software buttons, but ZTE’s layout isn’t too difficult to learn.

There are two networks supported by the Supreme: CDMA (800/1900MHz) and 4G LTE (1700/2100MHz). Sprint’s LTE network is among the best I’ve experienced, but keep in mind that the Supreme will be unable to connect to Sprint’s faster tri-band Spark LTE network.

New York City tests showed that the Supreme equalled the HTC Desire’s 9Mbps down and 4Mbps up in download speeds. The Supreme supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and GPS. Note that this location does not have a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is unfortunate.


Is bigger always better? Virgin Mobile’s Supreme ($299.99 without a contract) would be your best bet if you answered yes. The 5-inch screen puts it in phablet territory, making it the largest prepaid MVNO option. While the Supreme cannot compete with today’s high-end smartphones, it doesn’t have to on Virgin mobile accessory—the carrier’s top-of-the-line Android phone is last year’s Samsung Galaxy S III.

For $100 more than the S III, Samsung’s year-old phone, I find it hard to justify the superiority of the Supreme. Our Editors’ Choice for Android phones on Virgin mobile accessory is the Supreme, a better value for most people.


Is Virgin Mobile closing down in the UK?

The firm initially formed in 2004, Virgin Mobile Group (UK) Limited, became idle and was eventually dissolved in 2020.

Is Virgin Mobile closing down in Canada?

Is Virgin Mobile Closing In Canada? For the remainder of 2018, Lucky Mobile and Virgin Mobile Canada have stated that a substantial number of their outlets across Canada will be closed.