Warrior nun season 2 teasers, release date updates, synopsis, and more!

Warrior nun season 2 in 2022 will see the return of many critically acclaimed shows now streaming on Netflix. One of the shows that will come back is called Warrior Nun, which has already been picked up for a second season. Fans of the television show, adapted from a well-known comic book series featuring Ben Dunn, have been on the verge of falling out of their seats for the previous two years. During Geeked Week, Netflix released a Season 2 peek. Here we will discuss more warrior nun season 2.

Warrior nun season 2 teasers, release date updates, synopsis, and more!

Warrior nun season 2 on Netflix:

Let’s start with the most recent Geeked Week on Netflix headlines before diving into our in-depth overview. Geeked Week began on Netflix on June 6th, with Warrior Nun as one of the shows promoted. We’ve got our first look at the new season and the release date for “This Winter,” which are highly significant. Adriel will play the adversary in the upcoming second season, which is hinted at in the new teaser video. It recaps the previous season’s events and also features new footage.

Netflix will renew Warrior Nun’s second season:

Aside from that, the writers dropped hints that they had already started planning, and the show was generally considered a successful endeavour according to most standards. According to reliable sources, we learned about the upcoming second season of the show Warrior Nun not too long after the first episode of the season aired. In a recent interview, Simon Barry, who serves as the showrunner for Warrior Nun, emphasized the show’s possibilities.

The Netflix show Warrior Nun has received how?

It soared to the position of the world’s third most popular TV show within the first month of its Netflix release. In the United States, the television series came in at number six, while in the United Kingdom, it came in at number four…

How long before Netflix’s Warrior Nun season 2?

In 2022, Netflix is expected to air Warrior Nun’s second season. First season filming took place from March 11th through July 5th, 2013. For about a year after that, the series was not available on Netflix across the globe. When the showrunner, Simon Barry, visited Spain in June of 2021, he shared many photos from the trip to demonstrate potential filming sites. Location scouting involves visiting various locations to plan where specific sequences would be shot.

What does it entail to be a Warrior Nun, exactly?

Ava, a teenage orphan, is the focus of the first season‘s story. She awakens in a mortuary with an artefact implanted behind her and discovers its purpose. Some ancient abilities have been bestowed on her by this relic. She joins the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an organization of Warrior Nuns. This gang has sworn to protect the Earth from the demonic forces that threaten it. The OTT platform released a new teaser film this week that reviews the first season and delivers a few unique moments to entice viewers.

Is there a plot twist we can look forward to in the second season?

The first season ended on a cliffhanger with a significant storyline twist, as was customary on television. After the angel Adriel had died and given his halo to the Order to save her, Ava decided to dispose of his body in the most dignified manner possible. Ava was astonished to find Adriel alive in his tomb. Adriel was revealed to be a demon who stole an angel’s halo to avoid capture.

What Was the Root of the Protracted Delay in Season 2?

As soon as Netflix announced the popular program would get a second season, the fans jumped for joy. They expected to air the season in the year 2021 at the earliest. Pandemic constraints limited production. By late summer 2021, planning had begun. Barry tweeted in 2021 that principal unit filming was over. When scepticism about season 2 began to spread, Barry took to Instagram and shared a behind-the-scenes photo with a caption. This development confirmed the fans’ suspicions.

Exactly how many seasons are there in total?

We know that Warrior Nun’s second season will make a splash when it debuts. It’s possible that a director’s option would include a third, fourth, and fifth season. Indeed, he indicated in an interview that the show should last for at least seven seasons and that this would be a terrific concept. If they got one of the writing room’s ideas, it would be fascinating for the second season. He said the first season had many secrets, but the second will reveal them all.

The Stories of Manga-inspired Warrior Nun:

Warrior Nun was inspired by comic books called Warrior Nun Areala, which have a similar name. Ben Dunn penned the lyrics, which were published for the first time in 1994. Sister Shannon, the Halo-bearer who died in the series’ first episode, is this story’s focus. If you’ve heard of Areala, it’s because she wore the first Halo. Additional dream sequences or flashbacks may arise as the story unfolds.

The inspiration for the Fraternité Notre-Dame:

This particular order of priests and nuns is not something that he recognizes as being a member of the Catholic Church. There was a real-life member of the Harlem congregation of the order who attained the rank of black belt in judo. She had a background in martial arts. Her sisters were well-versed in self-defence techniques. In the 1990s, Ben Dunn invented the character of Warrior Nun Areala.

Alba Baptista initially played Ava in English:

The actress, who is 23 years old, does not speak English as her first language, but based on her performance in Warrior Nun, one may assume that she does. Alba Baptista was born in Portugal and is fluent in four more tongues, including English, German, Spanish, and French. In addition to Alba, the series features performances from several prominent European actors, including Joaquim de Almeida, who is also Portuguese, and Emilio Sakraya, who was raised in Germany.

Manga author helped write the show:

Ben Dunn’s understanding of demon-fighting nuns helped him write the Warrior Nun and Warrior Nun Areala novels. Ben Dunn was born in Taiwan; however, he spent his childhood in both Texas and Kentucky in addition to Taiwan. His Catholic high school may have inspired his works about nuns and Ninja High School, his most famous manga. Some sisters are great martial artists, and their costumes and skills mimic ninjas’.


As announced during Netflix’s Geeked Week, warrior nun season 2 will be available on Netflix around the world this coming winter. Find below an updated rundown of everything you need to know about warrior nun season 2, including who will star, where the program is currently filming, what to anticipate, and more. Warrior Nun is being produced by the same group responsible for creating Game of Thrones, and Simon Barry is directing it.


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How old is Ava when we first see her in Warrior Nun?

Ava, now 19 years old, is a ward of a Catholic orphanage. During the episode, she becomes imbued with magical powers after being implanted with the angel Adriel’s halo and finds that she possesses these talents.

What’s the deal with Netflix cancelling so many shows?

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