What if season 2? Release date, cast, plot details, and trailer!

What if Season 2? A new Marvel Studios series titled “What if season 2?” will premiere on Disney+ in 2021 as part of the MCU. What may have occurred if the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) events hadn’t happened? That’s what this animated anthology explores. Just a handful of the MCU performers returning to reprise their roles this season include Samuel L. Jackson, Mark RUFFALO, Natalie Portman, Benedict Cumber batch, Jeremy Renner, Tom Huddleston, and Paul Rudd. This series introduces Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher, a character he portrays. “Spider-Man: Sophomore Year” sequel now in development means that SPIDEY’s sophomore adventure won’t arrive until 2024. Let’s discuss more in detail what if Season 2.

Chadwick Bose used to be this person:

His last appearance in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film will be this one. Given the show’s vast scope, Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ decision to renew it for a second season makes sense. Let loose with your speculations regarding the following season. Below is a list of everything we know about the forthcoming second season of what if Season 2.

Going to be a lot of fun:

The What if Season 2release date was guaranteed to be “soon” at the time of its announcement on November 12, 2021, and no more specifics were offered. According to a statement made during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the season would launch in the first half of 2023. Executive producer Brad Winderbaum told Collider’s Steve Weintraub that a new program season would be published yearly. Watching the news is likely to bring a smile to the face of those who enjoy it.

Teaser when thinking:

However, a teaser for the next Marvel film has already been released. The public has yet to witness a preview of What if season 2? In 2022, the San Diego Comic-Con will host the second season of the animation panel. Recurring characters like Captain Carter and a young Bucky Barnes were featured in the teaser. Also appearing in the episode was the Red Guardian (Thanos, T’challa, Hela).

First, Tony Stark is introduced:

The teaser shows Tony Stark, costumed as the Hulkbuster, racing against the Grandmaster on Sakaar in a speeder alongside Valkyrie and Korg. Each one is set against the picturesque background of Sakaar. In the second season’s opening episode, a robot colony hid something significantly more severe. Marvel 1602 was included in the trailer as a special present for those who like reading comic books.

What if Season 2 announcements:

What if Season 2 has yet to be announced? There’s a good chance the actors that appeared in Season 1 will return for Season 2. Actors who appeared in earlier seasons of Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Eternals may make cameo appearances in this season. There will be a total of nine episodes in the second season, with each episode lasting around thirty minutes.

Addressed during the course:

What If it has a formula? Is there a certain number of episodes every season? In response to the query, Winderbaum offered the response. COVID-19 forced the production team to alter their schedules, and Winderbaum later said that the original plan for each season was to feature ten episodes. The film version of the Marvel Zombies comic book series is based on Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips’ comic book series. Some superheroes have been turned into zombies in another reality, which serves as the setting for the story.

Marvel Zombies movie spin-off:

In November 2021, Marvel will unveil a spinoff series based on the Marvel Zombies brand during the Disney Day event. Ultimately, these comics inspired an episode of What If called “What If…Zombies?!? One of the executive producers of the “What If Zombies?” spinoff is Bryan Andrews. This spin-off might be a pleasant surprise for die-hard What If fans.

Everything to know about What If Season 2:

Some suggestions about what to expect have been supplied by the show’s principal writer A.C. Bradley, even though nothing is known about the storyline. This season will concentrate more on “character tales and these heroes, and showcasing a new side of them that people don’t anticipate, and maybe they can relate to,” according to E.W.’s remark from Bradley. Several characters from other worlds worked together in the final episode. I don’t see any difference between Season 2 and Season 1.

Focusing on storyline developments:

Instead of focusing only on storyline developments, this season “will present a new aspect to these characters and their personal histories that viewers don’t anticipate,” according to the creators. This season will include “all-new tales, lots of fun,” “new heroes,” and “taking more from Phase Four than we were able to this season,” showrunner A.C.

Continuity enraged the audience:

Captain Carter will be the subject of my following observation. When Captain Carter returned to Earth in October 2021, Variety reported that Andrews thought it would be a “pretty safe wager.” Season 1 concluded with a hint that we could see her again in the future, so this isn’t exactly a shock. Incredibly, the film’s pacing, plot, and seeming disregard for established Marvel Cinematic Universe norms and continuity enraged the audience. Performers are returning to reprise their roles in this season’s ensemble of characters.


The first season was supposed to include Gamora and an Iron Man from the Sakara race, but neither was ever filmed.’ Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the episode had to be postponed for production in Season Two. Nevertheless, the show’s notable characters reappeared in the season finale, What If the Watcher Broke His Oath? Captain Carter and The Watcher’s growing bond was explored in the 2021 documentary The Making of What If, which aired on October 27. Bradley said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Storyline consequences:

The second season of what if Season 2; therefore, it’s hard to predict where it will go. As with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Zombies will revive Captain Carter and other well-known characters from the Else worlds universe. It’s also feasible that some of the most current series heroes and villains may appear. If actors from the known world or beyond reappear in their on-screen roles, you can count on us to keep a close eye on them.

The Hunger Games:

Some of the live-action actors that played Shang-Chi and the other characters in Phase 4 of the series are likely to provide their voices to the animated versions of those characters. These movies feature several well-known Hollywood stars and actresses. It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie has many acting credits, including The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2. In the past, several of Marvel’s most well-known performers have been allowed to give a few lines.

Release date:

The release date has been determined, and it’s been made public. What if the Season 2 question appeared in a Disney email sent to subscribers through Murphy’s Multiverse? On July 20, the second season will premiere. Although the show’s launch is only a few days away, Marvel and Disney have failed to release any teasers or promotional materials. “Marvel Zombies” is set to make its premiere in 2024. The show will not be renewed for a second season since it was initially intended to be miniseries.

The timestamp is accurate:

It’s unclear when the game will be released as of July 20. Too far, there have been no promotions, posters, or advertisements for what if Season 2, and Marvel has only hinted at the possibility that the second season may be released in 2019. What If was not the most popular MCU project in the first season. Even though there are several flaws in this episode’s production, it is still a good one to watch.


The episode What If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is turned on its head, and well-known events from the film are recreated. Several comic book characters appear in Marvel Studios’ debut animated series, which premiered on Netflix on November 14, 2016. The Disney Channel will be the exclusive home for the second season of what if Season 2Even. However, Netflix has a history of releasing movies and episodes with minimal anticipation. The streaming service would want to maximize the number of eyes on a golden goose property like Marvel.


When can we expect the program to return for a second season?

Hayley Atwell’s debut appearance as Captain Carter was a career-high point in the second season of What If. On Disney in 2023, the first episode of the series will air.

Suppose what if Season 2 never occurred?

What if Season 2? All will get a second season on Netflix. According to the most current information, Netflix has not yet renewed What If for a second season.

Are there any plans for a second season of “Marvel?”

There’s always the possibility that anything may go wrong.” After Season 2, a third season is planned for early in 2023.