Which yellowjackets character are you Based on Your Enneagram Type?

Which yellowjackets character are you surviving epic, is psychological horror, and coming of age story all rolled into one. The characters’ high school soccer team, the Yellowjackets, inspired the film’s title. Football players in the Canadian wildernesses are forced to fight for their lives after a plane crash. The first season of Yellowjackets drew the most viewers for Showtime in six years. In November 2021, the first episode will air, and the last episode will air in January 2022. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Keeya King; Sophie Thatcher; and many more feature this film. She was a straight-A student at Brown before the tragedy. It inspired yellow jackets. Let’s discuss more which yellowjackets character you are.

Which yellowjackets character are you Based on Your Enneagram Type?

Which yellowjackets character are you?

One of the highest-rated films of all time, Yellowjackets has a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, demonstrating its superiority and popularity. One of the main characters in Yellowjackets is sure to have captured your heart. A plane crash leaves a group of young girls and their adult counterparts stranded in the northern tundra for years. The Yellowjackets must fend for themselves in the Canadian wilderness. She deliberately causes harm to others to keep them dependent on her for a more extended period.

Laura Lee:

Enneagram types 1 and 2 are moral and practical, respectively. They’re honest and know what they’re doing is correct. In the first episode, Laura Lee shows her trustworthiness. Throughout her life, she has always acted in an honourable manner. In dread of being corrupt or evil, she shies away from the satanic ritual. Individuals of type 1 are known for their strong morals and self-discipline. Laura Lee believes the plane crash caused her terrible memory of using a derogatory remark about her piano teacher.


Generosity and people-pleasing are strong traits of Type 2, yet they may also be possessive. Misty, the team’s manager, works tirelessly to ensure the team’s success. Type 2s, like Misty, are afraid of being rejected. This fear drives her to destroy the plane’s black box, cut Ben’s leg off when it gets stuck under the wing, and feed him mushrooms so he’ll cling to her in which yellowjackets character are you? Because she craves affection and attention, she misbehaves.


Taissa runs the field with the dedication of a devoted athlete. After the plane crash, she attempts to get help independently and accepts responsibility for the situation. Taissa is a successful politician in the modern era. Taissa is a Type 3 who exudes confidence, charm and drive in all she does. To protect her public image, she employs an investigator to ensure that no one who survived the incident would tell what happened in the woods. Taissa’s marriage is suffering because of her work a holism.

The Uniqueness of Lottie:

Introspective People with Type 4 diabetes have a high threshold for pain. As the most reserved member of the group, they tend to retreat whenever threatened. Lottie’s behaviour resembles that of a Type 4-like personality. While on schizophrenia medication, she is apprehensive and reticent at the beginning of the season. The fear of being defective is driving her need for solitude. When her prescription runs out after the accident, she withdraws from the group and becomes reclusive and cranky. Her popularity is which yellowjackets character are you.

Shauna, detective:

A woods diary written by Shauna is a perfect fit for the Type 5 Enneagram. Individuals that fall into the Type 5 personality category are highly perceptive, resourceful, and fascinated by the details of the world around them. With her notepad, Shauna can keep track of everything and understand their current circumstance. That’s brilliant. Her ability to survive in the wilderness after the accident shows that she can learn complex skills and discern what is happening around her.

Binny’s Devotion:

Despite the catastrophe, Ben, the only surviving coach, stays dedicated to his team and actively connects with the female athletes. Even though he lost a leg, he is still trustworthy and hardworking. Viewers see he’s a nervous, anxious gay man who isn’t out and proud of it. Because he feels unsupported, he is plagued with self-doubt and anxiety. Insecurity is a constant fight for him. A hallmark of Ben’s character is his dedication to the girls, which is seen when he instructs them on the proper use of the gun.


Jackie is a positive and happy captain. Types 7s have a sense of pleasure and practicality and a desire to avoid pain. Jackie cannot utilize her special abilities despite her suffering due to the disaster. She mishandles them, giving the impression that she isn’t there to assist. After Shauna recommends ways to get the group excited, Jackie throws a homecoming dance and a séance. As a result of her need for happiness, she is continuously searching for new ways to achieve that state.


To protect herself from others, Natalie was inspired by her abusive father. As a child and adolescent, she withdrew from society’s norms and became belligerent when she felt threatened or vulnerable. After the accident, she is in charge of hunting due to her trust in firearms. She’s angry and saddened by Travis’ death, and she uses her anger and sadness to intimidate anybody who stands in her way. Natalie’s rage is a nuisance to be around, but it also helps her devise creative solutions to her problem.


It’s no surprise that Van is a fan favourite; she’s calm and kind, and her bond with Taissa is endearing. Van is Type 9 due to her calm and laid-back demeanour. Because Taissa is terrified of being parted from Van, he always remains by her side. She is trying to avoid a fight. When she wants to take Taissa to New York for a soft pretzel and horseback riding, she shows her love of stability. Van’s character will be developed further in which yellowjackets character are you.


In Yellowjackets, you don’t have to survive. The secrets that keep and tear apart the girls’ wonderful, awful, and wicked relationships are the focus of Yellowjackets. The film’s crash survivors include Sophie Nélisse, Sammi Hanratty, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Sophie Thatcher. Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis both appear as grownups in the film. Other actors include Steven Krueger and Warren Kole. In the year 2021, the Yellowjackets made their appearance. The series has been renewed for a third season.

A national competition:

On the way to a national competition, a plane crashes over Canada. It takes months for the last of the survivors to be found. Approximately 25 years later, the show picks up where it left off. What happened haunts the characters, and each responds differently. Uncovering the truth about the past is a sobering realization. Because she’s self-critical, she takes responsibility for her actions. After realizing she can help others by flying the crashed plane, Laura Lee jumps at the chance to provide a hand.


All of which yellowjackets characters are prominent cast members are women, including Melanie Lynskey, Sophie Thatcher, and Jasmin Savoy Brown. Individually and collectively, the main characters have a lot of depth. Our quiz will tell you which Yellowjackets character is most like you. Your rebelliousness and empathy are similar to those of Natalie’s. Alternatively, you have the same outlook as Shauna. Take a Yellowjacket test. The Yellowjackets were created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson for Showtime. The show is about teenage soccer players from New Jersey.


Is Yellowjacket a natural person?

Taissa, Jackie, Natalie, and Misty are the others. Exit the flaming aircraft, Yellowjackets character, and answer a few questions. For the first time in 25 years, viewers get a clearer picture of her character. She means well, yet she oversteps her bounds and alienates those around her.

What was the inspiration for which yellowjackets character are you?

Yellowjackets were inspired by the Donner Party and the Andes disaster. Both stories are based on first-hand tales of cannibalistic societies. The story of the captive children in the show is reminiscent of the novel Lord of the Flies.

Has the movie’s all-female cast been announced?

After the announcement of the all-female film adaptation in 2017, in the minds of many, women could not be as aggressive as men, and Ashley Lyle was well aware of this.