Why is one airpod louder than the other?

Why is one airpod louder than the other? There are many reasons for it, like ear wax in the Speaker, which makes one AirPod sound louder than the other one, so that is why. A bad sound won’t come out of them. If you try to clean them and one side isn’t as clean as the other. It makes one side louder than the other. Physical and software-level factors can explain why one airpod is louder than the other. An imbalance in the vehicle’s centre of gravity is a common cause of this problem. This article uses a few different troubleshooting approaches to determine why one airpod is louder than the other.

Causes of why is one airpod louder than the other?

Why is one airpod louder than the other? There could be several causes for this.

Bugs in software:

One AirPod may be noisier than the other due to software issues such as a bad connection or different sound choices. Even a weak Bluetooth connection can have long-term consequences.

Wear and tear:

AirPods’ varying audio levels can also be attributed to normal wear and tear. First and second-generation Apple AirPods aren’t water or dust resistant. They’re also well-known because of debris buildup, including dust and earwax. These issues can lead a single AirPod not to create many sounds.

Hardware malfunctions:

When explaining a problem, it’s important to mention hardware difficulties. You may notice that your left Airpod is quieter than your right one or that your right Airpod is quieter than your left one if the AirPods’ internal speakers are malfunctioning. Similarly, one of the AirPods in the set is likely to have been damaged.

Ways to fix why is one airpod louder than the other?

If you’re wondering why one AirPod is louder than the other, you can try several different investigation techniques. To get your AirPods to balance again, try each approach one at a time. The following are different ways to fix that. Why is one airpod louder than the other.

Make use of the AirPods by connecting them to another device:

Alternative devices like another iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc., should be used if cleaning the AirPods doesn’t enhance the sound quality. Using a separate device, play some noises or music, and see if the same problem occurs here or not. It can help you figure out if the problem is with your AirPods or the actual gadget. It’s possible that your previous smartphone is to blame if the AirPods sound well on the other device; if not, the AirPods need to be fixed.

Add a little EQ to the sound:

if your connected device’s audio balance adjustment is correct. Depending on the model of AirPods you have, the process can be slightly different.

First and second-generation AirPods:

Open the Settings.

Go to General > Accessibility > Hearing on the menu.

Make sure the slider is in the middle of the left and right channels so that the audio is evenly divided in both the AirPods. ”

AirPods 3rd generation and AirPods Pro:

Open the Settings.

Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Accomodations > Transparency Mode are the places to find this feature.

Custom Transparency Mode should be enabled.


Reconnecting the AirPods:

Disconnecting and reconnecting one or both of the AirPods is usually all that is needed to fix a softer sound on one AirPod. Reconnecting the AirPods after disconnecting them will start a new Bluetooth connection, which should work this time.

1: Close the cover on the AirPods case.

2: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn the switch to the off position on your device.

3: Turn on Bluetooth after a few seconds of waiting.

4: Open the Airpods case and place it near your device.

Re-pair your AirPods.

Try resetting the AirPods if disconnection and reconnection of the AirPods fail. AirPods will be removed from your device’s list of associated devices after following this step. We’ll pair the AirPods once more to re-establish the connection as if they were fresh.

1: Close the case around the AirPods. When you do this, the AirPods will be disconnected from your device.

2: Go to the I button next to your AirPods in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.

3: Once you’ve selected Forget This Device, press the confirm button.

4: Press and hold the setup button on the AirPods lid for 15 seconds to begin setting them up.

5: A white and amber light on the AirPods indicates that they have been reactivated.

6: Then, touch on Connect from the window that appears when they’re near the device.

Adjust the volume of your AirPods using the case:

Using a simple hack, you can reset the volume balance via the charging case. To accomplish this:

1: AirPods must be connected to a device.

2: Remove only the AirPod with the louder sound for the time being.

3: Put it back in the case and close the AirPod case after using it.

4: As soon as you close the lid on the previous step, the volume balance of both AirPods should be successfully reset.

5: You don’t have to do anything to make the AirPod sound quieter during this process.

6: Once you’ve completed the above steps, try re-connecting your AirPods to your device to see if the problem has been resolved.

Install the latest software and restart your device:

The problem may stem from a mismatch between the device’s software and the AirPods. It is highly advised to check. Software updates can be found in Settings > General. Make sure to download and restart your device if there is an upcoming software update. Even if an update isn’t available, a restart of your device is still recommended. Connect your AirPods and see if the problem has been resolved.

The fix or replacement can be requested from Apple:

Repairs are free if the AirPods are under warranty, but if they aren’t, you’ll be responsible for the repair cost. The new AirPods will be sent to you immediately if you’re enrolled in Apple’s Care+ service.


When one AirPods gets clogged up with debris and earwax, the sound can’t be heard. Cleaning your AirPods is the simple answer to this problem. Alternatively, the problem could be caused by an incorrect change of the audio balance, moving the sound output to one side.  You can use these 8 methods to fix the problem based on these causes.


Why is my AirPods sound distorted?

Why is one airpod louder than the other? Dirty speakers are the most prevalent reason for muffled sound in AirPods. Earwax and other material can build up inside the ear canal, lowering the sound quality.

Why are my AirPods so quiet?

Why is one airpod louder than the other? Your AirPods are silent because earwax, filth, and sweat have built upon the speakers.