All things that you need to know about Yami yami no mi.

Yami Yami no mi is Devil Fruits of Logia’s types. By giving its possessor the ability to create and manipulate darkness at will, Darkness Humans are created by the Yami Yami no Mi (owner). Even for a Logia-type, it is considered one of the best edible fruit, and its ability is known as the “most evil.” It is made up of small teardrop-shaped components with swirl designs and green foliage than emerges from the top of the fruit. In this article, we will discuss more Yami Yami no mi.

What is Yami Yami no mi?

Logia-class Devil Fruit, Blackbeard is now unable to speak. He may use it to conjure an ebbing fog of gloom, which has been proved to have a powerful gravitational attraction. As Teach demonstrates, the “darkness” is nothing more than a void that can absorb anything it comes into contact with, reducing everything in its path to a pile of ash.


After learning about the Yami Yami no Mi from a book he’d read, Blackbeard tracked down the legendary creature. As a result of his association with the Whitebeard Pirates, he believed his chances of discovering the fruit would significantly increase. He was correct.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Yami Yami no mi:


A black smoke-like substance spreads out from the user’s body to represent the gloom. Everything is devoured and crushed by the nothingness of the dark. By sucking in physical senses and attacks of any kind, the user can absorb them. It is possible to use this ability to draw an opponent uncontrollably to oneself, notwithstanding the player’s current condition.

Devil Fruit users’ abilities:

It’s the ability to negate the effects of other Devil Fruit users’ abilities with a simple touch that makes this fruit so terrifying. It affects all sorts, including Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia, but Logias are the most severely afflicted because they can no longer morph into their respective element to become intangible.


Darkness, which this fruit’s user is transformed into and consumes everything, serves as both a power and a weakness. The user remains defenceless in combat because assaults cannot penetrate through the darkness that the fruit transforms into. Teach warns that if the user fails to absorb an assault in time, they risk being harmed as severely as a normal human being, if not worse.


Teach has mainly used the fruit’s conferred powers for warfare so far. Despite Ace’s strong Mera Mera no Mi, he overcame him using this weapon even though Ace was his former commander. Blackbeard uses the fruit’s power in two ways. It is followed by an intense crushing attack that consumes everything in its path, followed by an equal amount of forceful regurgitation of whatever remains in the way of darkness that ensnares his prey.

Devil Fruit’s nullification feature:

When he uses the Devil Fruit’s nullification feature in conjunction with the attraction force of gravity, he can drag far opponents into his clutches before unleashing a powerful punch on them. Despite the fruit’s downside, Blackbeard appears to be able to withstand more damage than usual because of his incredible longevity and tolerance for pain.


A black hole:

When Blackbeard unleashes his gloom, it covers a large region and eats anything in its path, much like a real black hole. For example, an entire hamlet on Banora Island was swallowed and crushed when consumed by a great deal of gravity. Ace was the first person to see this technique in action. According to this method, the character “Anketsud” refers to a path taken by an Ajari Buddhist monk in China. He earned the anger of Emperor Genso by defying him.


As a result of his consumption of the Black Hole, Buccaneer expels the shattered remains of whatever he has devoured all at once. It is a particularly effective way of expressing his immense authority. In the beginning, this was shown to be displayed in front of Ace. Teach hinted in the anime that this attack might be used to hurl weapons such as cannonballs and swords.


Blackbeard activates the gravity force of his darkness by extending one arm towards his adversary. As a result, Blackbeard may use his enormous power to overwhelm them. It is highly effective when performed in concert with the fruit’s power-nulling characteristics because the victim can easily dodge this move by fighting at length with Blackbeard. The first moment this technique was used, Ace was taken.

Non-Canonical Approaches:

Blackbeard’s cloak of darkness wholly obstructs the enemies’ vision. It was featured and referred to in One Piece: Pirate Warriors, aired in 2013.


Like an amalgamation of Black Hole and Liberation, Blackbeard gathers the foes around him into a vortex of darkness before ejecting them and dealing significant damage in this action. Techniques like this are known as “Black Opening” in the English version of the game.

Pirate Warriors 2 and 3:

Blackbeard conjures up a massive cloud of gloom and unleashes it on his foe. Pirate Warriors 2 and 3 both included this attack, which was given a name and a description. At the end of their battle, Teach utilized an episode that went nameless to do damage to Ace’s Entei. Pitch Black Star is the name given to this move in the game’s English localization.


Darkness-Darkness fruit is the Yami-Yami no Mi, or “Darkness-Darkness fruit”. When consumed, this fruit transforms the user into a creature of darkness. One of the Logia-type Devil Fruits, called the Yami Yami no Mi, enables the user to produce and manipulate darkness.” “Darkness” is a Japanese term that means “Yami”. After the black beard’s death, Reaver T. Soul found and ate the fruit. Even among Loggias, this fruit is regarded as “special” in its own right.


Is Yami Yami no mi common?

Darkness-Darkness fruit is the Yami-Yami no Mi, or “Darkness-Darkness fruit”. When consumed, this fruit transforms the user into a creature of darkness.

Do you think Yami Yami no Mi is a good fighter?

Darkness and unlimited gravity allow its user to withstand every attack and thing that comes their way. Blackbeard killed thatch because he had the devil fruit in his possession, which had insane power.