Things to know about you season 3 episode 1!

You season 3 episode 1 shows Joe pursuing and winning Love with great success. However, when he realized she was pregnant, he was even more shocked to discover that she was a psychopath like him. He was about to kill her, but they both escaped together instead. Joe asks what happens when the boy wins the girl’s heart. Henry Joe and Love have moved to Madre Linda with Love’s mother, Dottie. Henry brought Dottie in. Joe’s thrilled. Because there’s no local bookshop, Joe sells his books online. We raised money for Ellie. Joe Goldberg found his new obsession in the second season of YOU. In this article, we will discuss season 3 episode 1.

Things to know about you season 3 episode 1!

You season 3 episode 1 review:

Your season 3 episode 1, with a deliciously dark twist, serves as a teaser for the remainder of the program. It is now time for love to revert to its previous behavior, while Joe, still struggling to control his impulses, attempts to improve himself but is ultimately unsuccessful. Because we have been here before and are aware of what transpired, we will have to sit tight and watch to see if the outcome is the same this time.

Several allusions to previous seasons:

There are several allusions to previous seasons, and the recycling of old conventions in new settings as the program resumes its usual pattern. Therefore, it would appear that Sherry and the rest of her pals are a logical continuation of Peach and the rest of her friends. Beck was utterly oblivious to their manipulative strategies, whereas Love is a disturbed new mother with a history of murdering people.

You season 3 episode 1 on Netflix:

The third season of Netflix’s thriller, which is now available to stream online in its entirety, shows Joe developing a solid relationship with the mystery woman on the other side of the fence. In the movie, the actress Michaela McManus plays the role of Natalie, the angry spouse of Scott Speedman’s character, who is a software tycoon. Matthew is so preoccupied with his work that he is oblivious that the serial killer who lives next door is trying to woo his wife.

How did she respond to the situation?

Her spouse is at Sherry’s party. Natalie, who briefly meets Love, believes Joe is having an affair with her after meeting her. Travis Van Winkle meets Love there. Joe and Love debate their differences maturely. Therefore, Joe may finally be over Natalie. Joe and Henry are making progress. In “And They Lived Happily Ever After,” Love finds Natalie’s possessions in Joe’s box. Kill Natalie with an ax. Love offers couples counseling to Joe. Joe concedes.

Why is suburban parenthood not appealing to Joe Goldberg?

As soon as he arrives in Madre Linda, his new hometown, people notice that he’s driving a Lexus around the streets.  In addition, he appeared to have a small girl, but she was a boy even though she looked adorable. According to the findings of the sonograms, it seemed as though Little Henry was attempting to conceal his light.

Joe’s mother-in-law in You season 3 episode 1:

During the first two months of Joe’s role as a parent, he was blissfully unaware of how much his son despised him. Unfortunately, Joe’s mother-in-law was persuaded that Henry was a reincarnation of her long-deceased son, which did not improve the issue, and this was a source of contention between them. Joe’s anger is understandable given the situation in which his grandmother insisted on naming the infant “Forty.”

Isn’t it obvious that life for the Goldbergs must be incredible?

A frantic search for love in your first two seasons led Joe Goldberg down an even more dangerous and deadly path. When it came to “finding the one,” the sociopathic co-dependent was fixated, and it looks like he’s finally found her in Season 2. Joe finally obtains his dream life, but it’s not what he expected. Despite this, Joe is ecstatic. Joe marries Love when she’s pregnant so they can start a new life and establish a family in the Bay Area.

Isn’t this Joe’s fairy-tale life?

In the wake of Joe’s recent divorce, he wonders if he made the wrong choice.  He decides to endure for the sake of the child, as do the majority of couples. Joe’s dissatisfaction with his marriage should come as no surprise. At the end of Season 2, her pregnancy kept him from killing Love like he had other women. Love was like the other women he’d left behind. The marriage was doomed.

Joe has a hard time being a parent:

In large part, Joe dislikes being a father because he is persuaded that his son dislikes him. When Joe tries to connect with Henry, Henry cries, but that’s to be expected. Frustration is the result, and Love, who thinks he isn’t trying hard enough, looks to be annoyed by this as well. Love’s exhaustion is apparent, given that she’s doing everything independently. Both of them suffer from postpartum symptoms, and the strain this is putting on their relationship is evident.

Due to a lack of resources:

There are many tech millionaires in the affluent community that Joe and Love chose to relocate to, so they decided to make a move. For them, it is challenging to keep up with their neighbors, as they are newcomers. Joe had to pay Ellie the money from the bookshop sale after Love killed Ellie’s sister. Thus it was only just for him to do so. Love’s affluent family wouldn’t give them additional money. Love’s mother has money troubles when she hears about her bakery proposal. In this article, you will able to know about you season 3 episode 1.

There’s a Chance Joe Will Meet Someone New:

As a result of Joe’s interest in Natalie, their next-door neighbor, and a realtor, things aren’t looking good for Joe and Natalie’s relationship. On the other hand, Joe is more interested in Natalie than Natalie is interested in him. Almost a point where they end up sleeping together when Joe invites Natalie over for drinks, but Joe intervenes and ends it there. They haven’t been able to sleep together in months, so he goes home to sleep when they’re in the mood for love.


Your season 3 episode 1, in the end, is what binds the two together. That Natalie and Joe are involved in some form of action is what she has deduced. Yes, you read that correctly. As she’s become more familiar with Joe’s personality traits, she senses his rising interest in her. In his final act of violence, Love hacked Natalie with an ax before killing her. Joe is irritated by Love’s impulsiveness and inability to regulate her emotions.


What was inside Joe’s box in the first episode of your third season?

You season 3 episode 1: She found Joe’s hidden shoebox full of Natalie’s awards while unpacking her mixer in the basement. Joe’s prized possessions were the underpants he had snatched from Natalie’s room and held in his hand while making love to his wife.

Is there going to be the third season of you?

Netflix announced You’s third season renewal on January 14, 2020, less than three weeks after the second season’s debut. Penn Badgley teased Entertainment Tonight about a third season. He misspoke.