Young and hungry cast review.

Young and hungry cast Jonathan Sadowski and Rex Park were cast as the show’s two main characters. A young computer tycoon named Josh Kaminski hires Gabi as his cook, while Lee is employed to serve as Eliot Park, his right-hand man and essential personal helper. Lee and Sadowski have been married for a year and a half. When ABC first aired Young & Hungry in 1998, it was conceived by David Holden. When it aired on ABC Family in June of 2014, it featured an all-star cast that included Emily Osment, Katie Carrero, Kym Whitley, Hugh Lee, and Katie Carrero. To discover what happened to the Young and Hungry form, continue reading.

Characters Young and hungry cast:


Initially announced in September 2013, actress Emily Osment was cast as Gabi Diamond, a calm and collected cookbook author with an extraordinary ability to predict what other people are hungry for. Before Kym Whitley was released in the part of Josh’s housekeeper, she auditioned for the role with several other actors. MTV has cast Kylie Minogue as a probable new girlfriend for Josh in the show’s upcoming second season, which premieres this fall.

Emily Osment’s Gabi:

By the time Young and Hungry came around, being a star was no small feat for Emily Osment, who began performing while still in elementary school. Despite this, the show was a boon to her professional development. Despite how disappointing it must have been to be dropped, Emily has not let it slow her down. Since Young and Hungry, she has been in various films and television shows, most recently The Kominsky Method and the upcoming Pretty Smart.

Aimee Carrero:

In the late, Aimee began her acting career, and she soon established herself as a highly versatile performer. Young and hungry wasn’t her first on-screen job; she has had a great career as a voice actor. However, she has also done some live-action productions after the show ended. As of late, Aimee has been seen in the Netflix original series Maid. Despite her brief appearance on the show, she made an impression as one of the most memorable characters.

Sofia Rodriguez played:

When Aimee first began her acting career in the late ’00s, she immediately became a talented actor. Young and hungry wasn’t her first on-screen job; she has had a great career as a voice actor. However, she has also done some live-action productions after the show ended. As of late, Aimee has been seen in the Netflix original series Maid. Despite her brief appearance on the show, she made an impression as one of the most memorable characters.

Josh Kaminski, played by Jonathan Sadowski:

On Young and Hungry, Jonathan Sadowski had one of the most significant career roles. Even more remarkable, it was one of their first television roles for him. Jonathan has maintained an optimistic tone since the finale of the show ended. After Young and Hungry, he starred in the television series Lethal Weapon. He also appeared in the Netflix series Sex/Life in 2021. In addition, he has been cast in the upcoming television series Patty’s Auto, in which he will play a mechanic. However, no release date has been announced.

Elliot Park, played by Rex Lee:

As Elliot Park in Young and Hungry, Rex Lee has been noted for his humorous roles throughout his career. There was an immediate lull in Rex’s activity after Young and Hungry. The next time we saw him was in the web series Vicious Mannies in 2020. In addition, he has appeared in two films, none of which were widely acclaimed. But don’t give up on Rex just yet, folks. We may expect to see him in several high-profile roles in the future, including a new TV series called UDrive Me.

Yolanda, played by Kym Whitley:

When it comes to acting, Kym Whitley is the sort who contributes something unique to each job she takes on, and her performance on Young and Hungry was no exception. Even though her role as a housekeeper might have allowed her to blend into the background, Kym never let that happen. After just three years since Young and Hungry’s final episode aired, Kym has already been in at least 12 television shows and upcoming projects.

Cooper Finley, played by Jesse McCartney:

Even though Jesse McCartney appeared on Young and Hungry for only two seasons, a strong impact was left on viewers. After he left the show, he secured several acting roles. He has also rekindled his interest in music, for which he was formerly well-known. In 2020, he appeared as a turtle on The Masked Singer.

Caroline Huntington, played by Mallory Jansen:

Season one saw Mallory Jansen appear as a regular cast member. As a result of her work on the show, she has played prominent roles in several well-known shows, including Agents of SHIELD and Shooter. The Big Leap, a new Fox show, is her most recent role.

Chris Smith’s Nick Walker:

Sofia’s boyfriend, Chris, joined the cast in season five. Even while Chris has had only a few acting gigs since the show ended, he’s also gaining some expertise. In 2019, he contributed to the Friends from College series by writing several episodes.

The plot of young and hungry:

Gabi Diamond is the personal chef of Josh Kaminski, a wealthy software entrepreneur in San Francisco. They have a one-night stand following an argument over Gabi’s trial dinner. However, the show recounts the lives of the two characters. The plot revolves around the romance between the two main characters. Gabi has to deal with difficulties both in and out of the kitchen.

Young and hungry cast release date:

The end of the fifth season was officially confirmed on March 15th, 2018. Beginning on June 20th, 2018, the remaining 10 episodes were aired, concluding on July 25th. When the show was cancelled, a series finale film was announced. However, on August 24, 2018, the movie was shelved. The show’s fourth season started on June 1, 2016, and aired through August 3, 2016, on Freeform. Season five of Young & Hungry was officially revealed by Haley Joel Osment on Twitter on October 24th, 2016.


Young and hungry cast is one of those shows that don’t always get the credit it deserves. The show had a successful run from 2014 to 2018, allowing several brilliant performers to showcase their talents. A young businessman had a one-night fling with his chef in the series. It’s nice to relax with a lighthearted show when you’ve had a long day at work. Many fans have questioned what the cast has been up to after the program ended. The good news is that none of the show’s stars has left us yet.


Did the young and starving get the axe?

Young and hungry cast were cancelled on February 6, 2018, and the final episode aired on July 25, 2018. A film adaptation was rumoured to be in the works, but those plans were also shelved.

Is there the sixth season of Netflix’s Young and Hungry?

Young and hungry cast, It’s been reported that the sixth season of the young and hungry will be released by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.